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Specialty Anti-Corrosive Pigment

NoelsonChem™ offers a wide range of universal anti-corrosive pigments, which offer sustainable and eco-friendly anti-corrosive capabilities that significantly extend the life of metal and reduce costs over the long term.

Superfine Ferro-Phosphorous Powder

Excellent anti-corrosive with abrasion and heat resistance properties up to 600-1000℃.

Metal Protective Pigment

Modified synthetic silica with a calcium ion exchange as an additive in high-performance industrial coatings of metal and paints.

Micaceous Iron Oxide

Naturally occurring mineral substance used as the primary ingredient in protective coatings and primers due to its anti-corrosive properties.

Flash Rust Inhibitor

Nitrite-based liquid inhibitor, effective in preventing flash rust formation on the metal substrate during the early stages of corrosion.

Compound Ferro-Titanium Powder

The composite Ferro-Titanium improves anti-corrosive properties of the coating due to complex reaction of ferrous ions and phosphates as well as introduction of nano powder to the composite Ferro-Titanium.

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